Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Missing My Blog...

I miss my blog...I miss blogging ( a lil bit )...blogging helps keep people sane ( I think )... So many unspoken words running through my mind, sometimes feel like letting it out, but doesn't seem to sound right...

aiya...mind blocked again. ( hate having writers block ) *damn*

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Music Moves My Soul...Or Not

Actually, I've been searching and listening to songs a whole lot. It's fun (no offence) but it is a real pain too, cos of all the findings, searchings, listening (sometimes ear splitting) all throughout youtube. *argh...*

But just for the sake of this upcoming event (Let's Make It Happen 2), I'll do whatever it takes, to bring some fairly lively (hopefully good enough) entertainment throughout the day.

More choices to choose, oh...my ears...*continues*

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Been craving lots of things lately. Either must be the old habits kicking in, or the taste buds needs satisfying. LOL... pity my poor tummy though. Don't even dare look at the weighing scales lately. Cos it's either up, or not even moving. Hopes of ever going down are rather slim. Partly due to some individuals who insists that I'm too "thin"... seriously people, I know my own self.

Enough said, let's get down to the cravings breakdown...what's the damage...hmm....*tempting to resist and holding back as best I can*

1) Salmon Sushi *top fav...bwahahahaha...when can I dig in again ah ?

2) KFC - satisfied dee recently

3) McD - also partly satisfied cos it's easily attainable

4) Domino's Pizza - hmm...this is a tough one...hawaiian or pepperoni...I do miss the sushi promo though...that was fairly good.

5) Ramen - Yataimura / Oh Sushi was my only favs last time, wonder where there's any compatible or better outlets for it

6) Pastas - never did get to try Pastamania before...any suggestions ?

7) Hotdogs - 1901 *yummy big juicy sausages and toppings...* chomp..chomp...

8) Subway - Oregano bread + turkey hammmmm...*drooling*

9) Western food - Fish & Chips, Chicken Mushroom, Cordon Bleu...list goes on...and on...

10) J-Co Donuts!!!!! and the only outlet in Penang is at QB...why so far... =_=" Big Apple at Gurney is actually not bad, just sweeter, but soft enough til the following day.

*If somebody goes through my list, sure will question why all "ang mor" food...why not much asian cuisines, chinese / local food outlets, etc.

Firstly, I'm not much of a "rice" person, but of course I'll still eat it if I have to. Secondly, why I choose to list out these foods, cos it's not everyday I can actually eat them or should eat much of it. Think of these as just "treats", but not as daily foods instead. These are foods that makes me happy and would definately enjoy eating, once in awhile.

*Feeling guilty and tempted at the same time dee...argh...~

What I Do & Like Doing & Likes...

(1) Teaching Kids (2) Volunteering (3) Crochet Flowers (4) Arts & Crafts (5) Virtual Farming/Cafe (6) Swimming (7) Singing (8) Salmon Sushi (9) J-Co Donuts (10) Pasta (11) Watermelon (12) Beach